Monday, April 30, 2012


A few weeks ago BMS received DIVINE SORROW'S CD,  " TALES  OF DESCENSION." The song writing genius of Bryan Chappell would seem to be of a Divine nature. The music arrangement of Bryan Chappell, (bass) Matt DePew, (guitar) Mike Sikorski, (guitar) and Lee Skyles, (drummer) is a living testament to great talent driven by a whole lot of hard work. This band does "Everything" right! These four  musicians play as one that in the end compliment each others individual talent. Every song on this CD is solid and stands on it's own.
 My favorite, "Everything" is everything you want in a # 1 hit song. It's impossible to listen to this song without singing along at some point. 

CREEPING/SHADOWS AND SORROW`- The bass guitar as well as drums master the melody only to be tied and bound by ripping leads accompanied by Chappell's solid vocals. JUDAS, the poetic masterpiece,  "is there something inside you.. please tell.. as I'm rising above you." There is a wonderful spirit behind this music that will possess and carry you upon the clouds of  Divine Sorrow.

Bio: Divine Sorrow is a progressive hard rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. Founding members Bryan Chappell (lead vocals and bass) and Matt Depew (lead guitar) finalized the group with the addition of Mike Sikorski (guitar) and Lee Skyles (drums).

Divine Sorrow is a complex mixture of heavy atmospheric rock and analytically driven lyrics with strong melodic tendencies. The bands tenured musicianship provides a strong live performance.

Chappell’s dark, melodic writing style is an open journey through the cloud of Catholicism forged in his childhood. The expression of these feelings of hypocrisy and ambivalence are apparent in the powerful lyrics. The yearning to create music that is melodic and heavy collides with the dark feelings of beauty and tragedy and has taken its first breaths.

Divine Sorrow began its live performances in July of 2011 to well received audiences in St. Louis, Mo. They have recently begun recording their debut album at Sawhorse Studios in St. Louis, and are planning to complete the project for release in 2012.

Manager: Lee Skyles
Booking Info: 


Divine Sorrow will be playing a live acoustic set on KSHE 95 this Friday, May 4, 2012 @ 12:00pm around noon, tune in and check it out. Tune your radioto 94.7 or hit to stream it. If you have an iPhone download the new KSHE 95 app and stream it on your phone!

Friday, May 18th
Pop's Concert Venue
300 Monsanto Avenue, Sauget, IL 62201


Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Musical Genius of Scott Jones
By Walter Vaughn

What is it that separates one who pla
ys an instrument from one who masters an instrument? Biologically, one could assume that long skinny fingers greatly benefit those who choose to play piano or guitar. Then again, there must be musicians with short chubby fingers who effortlessly run up and down the scale. There are numerous tools made available to the aspiring musician who choose to excel beyond the norm. Honestly, at the end of the day it's all about practice, practice, and more practice. Obviously, Scott Jones invested a great amount of time toward his love of music.
A few years ago BMS came across Scott by pure accident on Facebook. Like so many local artists there was a link to his music. From the day we selected play, BMS continues to shake their head in disbelief in Scott's amazing talent. After running a search on Scott, we were not surprised by what surfaced. 
"Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Scott Jones is a Progressive Arts recording artist based out of St. Louis, Missouri. He has been a musician for 27 years, and a full time professional guitarist, composer, arranger for the last 17 years. Scott's debut C.D. Freedom, was released October 21, 2003 made the Grammy finalists list for Best Contemporary Jazz Release in 2004, and received critical acclaim. Scott played all the guitar and did all the programming and sequencing of every instrument on Freedom, except on "Convergence" and "Chaos Theory" where he played acoustic drums as well.

Scott was also featured in the Oct. 2005 Guitar Player magazine, an international publication with a history of 40 years. Scott was named one of the world’s top ten undiscovered guitarists by the editors of the magazine. Ten finalists were chosen by the editors of GP magazine, out of 3000 submissions from all over the world. He is also been featured in Keyboard Magazine, Recording Magazine and Music & Computers Magazine. Although Scott’s main focus is on jazz and fusion, he is recognized as one of the most widely diverse players today.

What is Jazz fusion?
"Jazz fusion is a musical fusion genre that developed from mixing funk and R&B rhythms and the amplification and electronic affects of rock, complex time signatures derived from non-Western music and extended, typically instrumental compositions with a jazz approach to lengthy group improvisations, often using wind and brass and displaying a high level of instrumental technique. The term "jazz rock" is often used as a synonym for "jazz fusion" as well as for music performed by late 1960s and 1970s-era rock bands that added jazz elements to their music. Some progressive rock is also labeled "fusion".[1] After a decade of popularity during the 1970s, fusion expanded its improvisation and experimental approaches through the 1980s and 1990s. Fusion albums, even those that are made by the same group or artist, may include a variety of styles. Rather than being a codified musical style, fusion can be viewed as a musical tradition or approach."

"Freedom" is the debut album from this incredible fusion artist. Scott Jones is more than just an incredible guitarist, add his stellar compositions and you also end up with more than just another guitar based album. A perfect description of the music on "Freedom" would be a blend of Tribal Tech, Return to Forever, Herbie Hancock and Spastic Ink. CD comes enhanced with video, MP3's, and a special Chops From Hell presentation. "Freedom" also features sax-player Bill Elrod on four tracks. Recorded at The Backroom, St. Louis, Missouri. Personnel: Scott Jones (guitar, drums, sequencing); Bill Elrod (saxophone). Personnel: Scott Jones (guitar, drums). Audio Mixer: Scott Jones.

So what are fans and critics saying about Scott's C.D. Freedom?

"Mind blowing, labor of love, multi-dimensional, intense, phenomenal, and jaw dropping!"

BSMS knows little about programming and sequencing, flexible rhythmic under structures, solo and ensemble improvisations, or highly
sophisticated harmonic idiom. Personally, It's like listening to magic. After purchasing Scott's C.D. and fan wrote, " What planet are you from my friend? Can I please have a ride in the mother ship when they come to pick you up?" Simply, the genius of Scott Jones seems to be of another world and this is what makes it so very special! You can find all of Scott's great music at
Scott can been seen any given weekend playing lead guitar for the UltraViolets.
Ultraviolets is one of the top premier bands in St. Louis performing over 100 shows per year. The UltraViolets' song list contains a wide variety of music, including classics by; Michael Jackson, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Bon Jovi, Shania Twain, AC/DC, Madonna and new music by Adele, Katy Perry, P!nk, Lady GaGa and Rihanna. The variety of music is but one reason why this band is "high energy and in high demand."Currently, Scott is working hard, focusing his creative abilities towards Film Scores, Film Trailers, Gaming Soundtracks, T.V. Scores, and Corporate Media Music Support. You can listen to Scott's Orchestral, Film, and Production Cues at for film, immersive theater, video games, TV and all media streams. ALL compositions and performance ©2011 scottjonesmusic.
You can purchase individual tracks or the entire set.

Scott also teaches guitar Fazios Music in Ellisville. MO.
Fazio's has one of the best, oldest, largest and most comprehensive private music lesson programs in the St. Louis area. Fazio's Music is located at 15400 Manchester Rd. You can contact them at (636) 227-3573 or toll free at (888) 687-4200.

Besides be a great musician, more importantly, Scott is a great guy.
From Scott: "All of the following may seem cool, but is worthless without love. Loving people more than yourself and giving of your self, matter more than any of life achievements or accolades. I've lost a great deal through the years and most of it because my eyes were fixed on me and not others. I'd do anything to have learned this earlier."One other thing worth noting, Scott told BSM he has " short chubby fingers." lol! Link

Thursday, June 2, 2011


If you were fortunate enough to attend The Kick Down Cd release party (Album, Long Ride) at The Iron Barley on May 13th, you were a part of history. These lads set a "all time" attendance record. This alone speaks volumes of what you can expect when seeing these gents perform.

Band members; left to right
Drew Acree
Craig Gardner Bass/Vocals,
Nate Williamson Keyboard/Vocals,
Chris Williamson Drums/Vocals.

Craig Gardner singing, The Perfect Girl from their Album, "Long Ride."

Thumbs up for Fat Chimp Studio and Julie Enstall/Photographer here in St. Louis..Great video and pics!

These St. Louis-based musicians provide a diverse musical arrangement of songs. They perform originals as well as covers ranging from Stevie Wonder to Traffic to Lenny Kravitz to Radiohead to Sublime to Red Hot Chili Peppers to Desmond Decker. The Kick Down supports events ranging from restaurants, wineries, and private parties to weddings, bars, and outdoor amphitheater events. The Kick Down’s song list has over 50 covers and 10 originals that can entertain the broadest audiences and provide dancing for hours.

Check out their web pages

This video was recorded live from The Iron Barley. Nate Williamson singing, "Handler of the Golden Ticket" from their Album, LONG RIDE.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rogers & Nienhaus

BMS had the opportunity to visit Meramec Jack's in Valley Park, MO a few weeks ago to listen to Rogers & Nienhaus. You know going in that you're going to hear a couple of world class musicians. On stage there were 7 guitars, one bass, 2 mandolins, and a piano. You couldn't help but think about the path these instruments have traveled, from Nashville Tennessee to Europe and South America; what stories they could tell if they could only talk. When Terry Jones Rogers and Scott Nienhaus took to the stage, these instruments began to tell their tale in the hands of these two professional musicians. The list of music included original material, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, Jackson Brown, Allman brothers and many more. Their harmonies were solid, a harmonic collision of two great vocalist. As musicians, these gentlemen play just about every instrument known to man. When asking Scott, "is there an instrument you don't play?" His answer, " the violin!" Itzahk Perlman ought to send Mr. Nienhaus a monthly checked with the promise he never takes it up. When Rogers and Nienhaus performed, they had every ones attention, young and old. There was little or no small talk during their performance and every song was accompanied by an hearty applause and at one point a standing ovation. This is something you normally don't see at smaller venues, BMS witnessed it that magical night at Meramec Jack's.

Just who are Rogers and Nienhaus? Those in the "bizzness" and fans of The Byrds, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Poco, Flying Burrito Brothers, Firefall, and Pat Liston, certainly know of these gentlemen. They have performed with and or opened for such legendary acts. However, if you just fell off a turnip truck, here's a bio taken from the website of these two accomplished musicians.
Terry Jones Rogers and Scott Nienhaus began their long association in 1993 after both relocated to Nashville, TN at the urging of their mutual friend Michael 'Supe' Granda of The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Nienhaus and Granda had become friends in their home state of Missouri, when Scott's group 'Acousticity' toured with 'The Daredevils' as their opening act, soon leading to 'Acousticity' working with Nicolette Larson as her band.Rogers and Granda became friends when they worked together in the classic group 'The Byrds' with original drummer Michael Clarke. Terry was invited to join the newly reformed group by Clarke in 1988 after becoming friends in Hilton Head,SC, and was fronting the band when Supe came on board. Soon after Granda's inspired introduction, Rogers invited Nienhaus to join his newly formed group 'The Byrds Celebration', after Michael Clarke's untimely death in December of 1993. In early 1994, Rogers & Nienhaus began working with 'The Byrds Celebration' along with Byrds alumni Skip Battin and Gene Parsons, as they embarked their first tour of Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, France and The Netherlands.

In 1995, Rogers & Nienhaus released 'The Rogers/Nienhaus Band with Skip Battin' "Empty Room", recorded at Music Masters Studio in St. Louis,MO, leading to many European tours as an acoustic duo in support of this project. Numerous cafes and clubs in Amsterdam and other parts of The Netherlands, and 'The Anker' in 'Interlacken,Switzerland were favorites and always included many return engagements.

Living in Nashville,TN provided many opportunities for the duo, including The Ryal Macaws, which featured Rogers & Nienhaus, along with Supe Granda, Vince Barranco, and world renowned fiddler, Vassar Clements.

Now living in the St. Louis Metro area, Rogers & Nienhaus have become local favorites, with their fiery performance and pristine harmonies, as well as national and international engagements.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Band of the Week S Five

"Hailing from St. Louis, S Five blends hip hop, soul,
and funk to produce a sound that is tasteful and diverse."

Front man and Lead Vocalist Rodney Nathaniel Gray Jr. aka Rod 'Wisdom' has everything it takes, to take this band to the next level. Rod is surrounded by some very fine musicians.

Band members are:
Andrew Gibson aka A/G - Drums,
Ben Kniffen aka Brother K - Bass, Andrew Miramont aka Monti - Keys/guitar , Anthony Butler - Vocals/Saxophone

A few weeks ago BSMS received S Five's, "The Real EP" CD in the mail, Wow! Great music! Their song, "Movin the Crowd"does just that! You might want to go see these gents perform locally while you still can. If they can keep it together, great things will surely come their way!

While writing this article I was told by Andrew Gibson/ Drummer, that the band has made some "personnel" changes.

According to Andrew Gibson, Anthony Butler, Vocals/Saxophone will no longer be listed as a part of the live act, " because we're working on forming an actual horn section and will only use it sparingly. We do, however, now have a keyboard player named Jason Martin." We certainly wish the best for S Five and that the current changes strengthens the band and puts them over the top! According to Andrew Gibson, "We're working on big things and taking our band huge."

Andrew Gibson, " We've got some serious studio work to do. We will be working hard, writing new material and getting it recorded, then possibly expanding the live group. Not saying we won't be giving any performances or taking any gigs, but our focus will be heavily in the studio. We're working extremely hard and trying to make some big things happen. Thanks for those of you who are fans and have supported us in our endeavors. The music industry is a very difficult fortress to break into, so we've got our work cut out for us."

"Hailing from St. Louis, S Five blends hip hop, soul, and funk to produce a sound that is tasteful and diverse. Their fresh approach to hip hop appeals to funk fans and jazz junkies, and S Five is turning the heads of people who usually disregard rap while never alienating the loyal hip hop crowd. The group has just finished their five song self-titled demo and is working on a full length album. But their live show is the best way to experience their sound. S Five delivers passion and musicality to a genre stereotyped by soul-less performances and indistinguishable music. Taking influence from Talib Kweli, Black Thought, and Mos Def, front man and extremely talented lead vocalist Wisdom spits introspective lyrics. The live band consists of Monti on guitar and keyboards, Brother K on bass, and “Doctor” A/G laying it down on the drums. Their fan base is growing, ears are opening, and S Five is promising nothing but the best. for booking, contact Miles Dela Cruz at 314-791-1069 or email

S Five playing their original song "Move the Crowd."
September 25, 2010 at The Kirkwood Amphitheater

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Artist of the Week" Wayne Givens

BMS had the good pleasure many years ago to be introduced to Wayne through a mutual friend and musician, Kevin Simon. In those early days you could sense there were a few among us who shined a bit brighter than their peers.  It became quite obvious why Kevin was so excited to team up with this extraordinary musician. What great joy to choose Wayne Givens as the "Artisit of the Week."

"Heavily influenced by The Beatles and the classic rock era of the early 1970's, Wayne began his musical career in 1976 playing cover tunes in the St. Louis, MO area. As his performing progressed, Wayne began throwing the original tunes he had written into the mix at his shows. His group, Ambush, was selected to have a song on the K-SHE 95 compilation called "Seeds," which featured songs from the top ten groups in the area. Later, KWK put out a similar album called "Moonshine," and Ambush was selected out of hundreds of groups to have a song there also. It was soon clear that there was definitely an audience for Wayne's songs. During the 80's, Wayne was fortunate enough to work with Danny Liston from Mama's Pride and Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep fame, on Danny's project "Every Beat Of My Heart." During the 90's, Wayne continued writing songs and eventually worked with Gary S. Paxton in Nashville TN for a brief period, learning much about the songwriting craft from one of the great songwriters and producers. In 2006, Wayne had a number one song on the charts at IAC, a site that features over 30,000 songs that can be streamed online. That song, "Who's Gonna Save The Day?" was written the day John Lennon was murdered, and is featured on Forces Of Nature, released in February 2009. All songs on the album are written and produced by Wayne, who plays all the instruments as well as providing all lead and harmony vocals. "

TICKET TO THE BEATLES came together in the summer of 1997 with the express purpose of performing the music of The Beatles. Great attention to detail is taken to reproduce
faithfully, the sounds that The Beatles forever etched into our memories. Our band decided early on, that it was the music, rather than the image, that we wanted to reproduce.
Classic, is the term used to describe great music, and as with any endeavor to capture the classics, a high degree of skill is involved....

"The timeless classics of the Fab Four live on in the authentic sounds produced by TICKET TO THE BEATLES. The band was formed in 1997 when Baker Symes (keyboards, guitar, vocals) and Dave Bohannan (guitar, vocals) got together to "play some Beatle tunes." Wayne Givens (bass, vocals) joined them a short time later to add his vocals and to begin recreating the incredible vocal harmonies of John, Paul and George. With the addition of Jim Laverty (drums), the band was complete. In 2005, the TICKET TO THE BEATLES welcomed a new "George" into the band. After a death-defying and harrowing escape from the Blue Meanies of Pepperland, George Smith arrived on a flaming bundt cake and passed the audition.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


ALL ABOARD! Jam Central Station is now leaving the terminal. Hold on, your about to hear one of the best cover bands in the entire state of Missouri!

Back in the early 70's and 80's rock n roll bands took cover material very seriously. Who could forget cruising up and down the mighty Mississippi on the beloved Admiral. The Younger Brothers often performed and did they ever. When you heard them play Steely Dan or the BEATLES, they sounded just like the original artist!

Today, there are many cover bands but few hold to the original calling. Perhaps this generation welcomes artistic variances when it comes to cover material. One reason many bands are unable to play cover tunes note for note is quite frankly, lack of ability. Think about it, a good cover band is tackling some 50 songs where vocals, instruments, various styles of play, and equipment must match those 50 original artist! This difficult assignment can only be done by extremely gifted artist, perhaps more talented than the original artist themselves! For instance, Steely Dan only has to sound like Steely Dan. However, a good cover band must sound like Steely Dan, YES, Rolling Stones, Fog Hat, Led Zephlen, and The BEATLES! The days of good cover bands is alive and well with the likes of JAM CENTRAL STATION! These dynamite musicians led by Dave Bohannan, hold true to the great artist before them in every sense. Jam Central Station has to be one of the very best cover bands in the state of Missouri!

"Jam Central Station is an established rockin' band, bringing a
fresh variety of great classic rock to the St. Louis music scene.
JCS is a tight five piece band, featuring lead and background
vocals - not just another garage band, we're talking skilled
musicianship, that is sure to make you think you are listening to
the original group! Five seasoned musicians covering classic
rock music from the 70's, 80's and beyond. Playing the killer
tunes you grew up with, but don't often hear. Whether it's a
club or a private party, JCS delivers...Rock and Rail!"

Dave Bohannan, Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals:A St. Louis vocal standard, Dave's lead vocals and harmonies are recognized by music fans throughout the metro area. Formerly with top local bands; Ticket To The Beatles and Green Eggs and Hamm, Dave plays a mean lead and rhythm guitar in JCS, now with six axes coming through vintage Marshall gear, as well as covering tenor lead vocals and harmonies.

Stu Massey
, Ba
ss Guitar & Vocals:Delivering thundering bass lines, Stu gives JCS it's punch while topping off four-part harmonies with sky high vocals. Stu's attention to detail in faithfully recreating the classic lines of the 70's & 80's bassists is an essential part of the JCS chemistry. Stu has played in too many great bands to list & can be found on stage in the Judas Priest tribute band, "Priest-Unleashed".

Bobby Muriel, Percussion & Lead Vocals:Fronting JCS with dynamic lead vocals and a percussive presence, Bobby M. brings his natural musical talent center stage. Bobby has had the honor of working with some of St. Louis' finest artists such as, Jay Hays, Chuck Kiel, and Tim Reynolds. With 40 years experience, Bobby M. is sweetening the groove for the Station, and will keep the party going all night long!

Ron "The Towel Man" Baechle, Drums & Vocals:With an affinity for finding the pocket and laying the foundation for JCS, Ron brings infectious enthusiasm to the band. A local celebrity, known for his association with the St. Louis Blues as their scorekeeper, Ron adds the same vigor as timekeeper for JCS! Ron has played with local favorites such as Exit 180 and Albatross, and played local favorite Stages!

Chris McCready, Keys & Vocals:
Providing sonic textures,and single-note runs that will surely satisfy even the most discriminating listener, with solid backing vocals, Chris brings years of professional experience to the JCS sound scape. Chris perfected his craft among the ranks of local St. Louis upper echelon bands such as Bob Kuban, Metro and Ralph Butler to name a few. A great JCS addition!